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How You Select Your Probate & Trust Administration Lawyer Is Critical

We offer a free 30-minute phone consultation with attorney Scott Grossman. He reviews your trust or other documents prior to the appointment and gives you an honest evaluation of what you can and cannot do under the law. This service is provided for the benefit of clients and potential clients to assist you in discerning what really happens going into a trust litigation or in the probate process and what you can expect to happen. We believe that our clients and our potential clients deserve a clear and truthful evaluation of their case.

What happens after you fill out the form here is that you will get a confirmation email, and then our intake specialist will reach out to you. You will be asked to share details of the situation and we ask for copies of documents in advance of your phone consultation with Attorney Scott Grossman. This is to allow him time to review your documents and do any research needed prior to your call with him. We hope you understand how this process will assist us in being able to give you an honest evaluation of your situation. We take time to go through this process with every person we speak with because we know how big a process this is to go through and that when you finally speak with an attorney you are needing to hear some honest answers about your situation not about hypothetical situations that are not your exact situation. We are here to help and we look forward to being able to help you.

We encourage you to spend some time reviewing the information available on the website, request our free resources including two books written by Attorney Scott Grossman specifically about Probate and Trust Litigation law in California, and prepare your questions and concerns prior to your appointment. Writing down questions you have may help you feel more prepared to cover as much ground as you can during your first conversation.

Contact us so we can set up your appointment with Attorney Scott Grossman for your in detail 30-minute discussion about your case and specific situation. Please fill out the form to the right and we will contact you to schedule your consultation, or call our office at 888-443-6590 and we can discuss your situation and set your phone consultation up over the phone. We know you don’t want to need an attorney, but our office is here striving to always do the very best job possible to help you through this.

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