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By: Scott Grossman on March 5th, 2018

Six Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Disputes

Life insurance policies are part of an overall estate plan in many cases. Often, individuals rely on the promised proceeds from these policies.  Life insurance can be an excellent means for ensuring that the surviving spouse and family members are taken care of while the estate administration gets underway. Unfortunately, mistakes are sometimes made, resulting in life insurance beneficiary designation disputes.

Beneficiary designations are not always ironclad.

The following are six examples of situations that may give rise to a dispute:

  1. Your loved one was subject to undue influence when they completed the San Diego life insurance beneficiary designation form.
  2. The deceased was subject to a divorce agreement that required him or her to provide a life insurance policy for your benefit at the time of passing.
  3. Your loved one was the victim of fraud, which induced him or her to change beneficiary designations.
  4. The insurance company itself made an error with regard to the beneficiary designation.
  5. Your spouse did not update the beneficiary designation following a divorce several years prior to your marriage.
  6. Your loved one completed the beneficiary designation form improperly, resulting in the insurance company making the proceeds payable to the estate of your loved one.

Do you think your spouse had an old life insurance policy, but you are unsure where it may be? Our article, “10 Ways to Find an Insurance Policy During a CA Estate Administration,” provides helpful tips for locating a policy. For more information about disputes surrounding insurance policies and estate administration, contact an experienced trust litigation lawyer today. Call our toll-free number at (888) 443-6590 for a consultation. Or you may fill out our quick and easy online form today.