FREE Books On California Probate And Trust Litigation

The Grossman Law Firm is pleased to be able to share information in our Free Books on Probate and Trust Litigation to help people facing these difficult issues in California. The probate process in California can be long and complicated. Challenging a trust where someone is not doing what they are supposed to be doing can be overwhelming! Scott Grossman wrote books to help you better understand the situation you face, and what you should expect, as well as having a better understanding of what the laws actually say about the situation. We offer these books, sent free of charge, to help you. Our goal is to help people facing probate or trust litigation clearly understand what they need to do. Being informed can only help you to make better decisions and reach better outcomes.

We offer two free books on probate and trust litigation:


Winning the Inheritance Battle: The Ultimate Guide to California Trust and Probate Litigation

Getting your inheritance is not always easy. Scott Grossman is a certified probate specialist and trust litigation lawyer with years of experience. We offer this free guide to successfully battling for what’s yours to help people facing this problem make good decisions that help get the best results possible. We hope you request our free guide.

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Understand What to Expect During a California Estate Administration

Administering an estate is often a complex process. There are many thing to be completed and having a clear overview can be helpful for an administrator, executor, and for a beneficiary. We hope that you request your free guide to the probate process in California. This book was written by Scott Grossman, an experienced Certified Probate Specialist and Trust Litigation Attorney.

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