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Probate can be complicated and figuring out where to start can take much energy! California probate laws require you to collect vast amounts of information. Preparing to give that information to an attorney to start probate properly is sometimes overwhelming. That is why we created this Probate Checklist to help you know what things to hold on to and put together so that you have everything you need right there when you get ready to start probate.

You Will Not Have All Items Listed in the Probate Checklist

Many of our clients worry that they have not completed every item in the Probate Checklist. Do not worry! That is because we try to cover everything that could be in an estate. So that does not mean that your loved one will have everything on the Probate Checklist. We want to ensure that you have as much help as possible and provide a way for you to know what to look for when dealing with things. Such as preparing for probate and even determining if you have to do probate for your loved one’s estate is essential. We understand that this takes time to pull together during an often emotional time so we made this Probate Checklist readily available and easy to use.

Our Probate Checklist gives you a list so you will be ready to answer the standard questions an attorney will ask you before opening probate. You will also be ready for all the questions you might be asked during the probate process. We believe that an educated client is the best kind of client and sharing this in advance of ever making an appointment to talk with one of our attorneys will help us and you better accomplish this often-difficult task.

What should I do next?

Your first step should be to read the Probate Checklist carefully. This checklist provides an overview of what information you will need to start the probate process. Not everything on this list applies to all cases. For instance, most cases have some types of assets but not other types. If you fill out this information before talking with an attorney, your meeting will be much more efficient, and your process will be much smoother.

Next, you should consult with an experienced and reliable California probate attorney to complete probate and ensure that you are doing everything correctly the first time. We often hear from new clients that they tried to hire someone to help them who was not knowledgeable or experienced in California probate laws. We hear how it cost them both time and money and caused unnecessary heartaches. If you speak to attorney for probate who is not discussing the information on your probate checklist, you should consider contacting a more experienced law firm. 

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