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4 Common Types of Riverside Probate Fraud Soon After a Death

During the probate of an estate in California, fraud can happen at any stage. Unfortunately, unless this fraudulent activity is caught and beneficiaries take action quickly, estate assets can be lost permanently. If you suspect that the executor or other party to an estate is committing fraud, contact a Riverside probate lawyer immediately for guidance.

When fraud happens in the early stages of probate, such as immediately after the death of your loved one, it often appears in one of the following forms:

  1. Someone hides or suppresses the latest version of the will in order to benefit himself or another party.
  2. Someone forges a new will or codicil and alleges that it is a valid version of the document.
  3. The executor deliberately omits relatives during the probation initiation in the case of intestacy.
  4. Someone removes assets from the estate without permission or notification.

As an interested party, you are entitled to receive a certain amount of notice about actions that are taken during the probate process. Catching fraudulent activity, however, requires diligence on your part. It is very important that you contact an experienced attorney right away if you suspect any of the above activities have taken place. To prepare for your meeting, read our article, Meeting Your Attorney for the First Time: A Four-Part Checklist for Potential Trust and Probate Litigation Clients. This guide will help you to gather the information and documentation that will allow your attorney to act quickly to address the fraudulent activity.

In addition, by reading our free book, Trust and Will Litigation in California, you will learn more about what to expect when alleging fraud during a probate administration. For assistance from an experienced Riverside probate litigation attorney who can help protect your rights to an estate, contact the professionals at the Grossman Law Firm. Call our office today at (888) 443-6590.

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