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By: Scott Grossman on September 12th, 2016

Are Wills Public Records?

Are Wills Public Records?

Finding out that your loved one’s entire probate court file, including wills, are public records, can be somewhat disturbing for those unfamiliar with the process. During an estate administration in San Diego, the probate file may include highly personal documents, such as the will, the accounting of all of the expenses of the estate, and the inventory of all of the assets of the estate. It may also include names, addresses, and contact information for various friends and loved ones. Little can be done to keep this information outside of the public eye. However, there are certain probate documents that remain sealed documents from public view. If the will includes or incorporates any documents that are confidential according to statute, the probate court judge will order that the will be sealed. There is also the possibility that the judge orders part, of the instrument to be sealed.

 Examples of Sealed Documents:

  1. Records from the juvenile court
  2. Adoption proceedings
  3. Termination of parental rights proceedings
  4. Grand jury proceedings before an indictment
  5. Medical records reports
  6. Arrest reports
  7. Criminal history information

Protecting confidential information from prying eyes is just one concern that many families share during the probate administration process in San Diego.

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