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By: Scott Grossman on September 15th, 2016

Questions to ask if you suspect a Will Forgery

When an individual knowingly alters, creates, or uses a written document intending to commit fraud, they have committed forgery. This is also true when the written document created is a California will or trust. Sometimes, a will or trust is forged to create a benefit or gain for the individual committing the will forgery. To protect the assets of an estate in which a will was fraudulently created, action must be taken quickly.

The following is a list of questions to ask if you suspect a will forgery in California:

  • Does it appear that someone intended to create a fraudulent will?
  • Was the decedent’s signature executed without his or her authorization?
  • Was the decedent’s will altered without his or her permission?
  • Was the decedent’s will falsely created without the knowledge of the decedent?
  • Does the forgery prejudice, damage, or defraud someone out of money, an interest in the property, or other legal rights?
  • Has the individual who allegedly committed the forgery attempted to use the will and assert or represent to someone else that it is genuine?

Forgery of a will or trust is not always straightforward. This type of claim can be complex and requires the guidance of an attorney experienced in handling will or trust contest matters.

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