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By: Scott Grossman on October 18th, 2016

Why You Want the Right Attorney for Your California Probate Case

Sometimes the key details of a will or trust are ambiguous, outdated, or inaccurate. There may be complicating factors. For example, a disabled beneficiary could lose public benefits if the language is interpreted the wrong way. There might be growing tensions between beneficiaries that could lapse into costly trust litigation if anything about the interpretation remains uncertain before the closing of the estate.

It’s crucial to have a California trust attorney with knowledge and experience in probate and trust administration cases like these. As the administrator or executor, even without special circumstances, an attorney who only has a shallow understanding of the practice area will be more of a liability than an asset.

Picking the Right Attorney

An attorney who doesn’t specialize in the field frequently won’t have the experience necessary to take a constructive role in the case. They could even make mistakes that cause serious problems. Furthermore, if your attorney doesn’t know how to work with probate court or effectively petition for judgments, your case could drag on indefinitely, costing you time and valuable resources.

It’s also increasingly common for proceedings to turn sour, necessitating litigation between beneficiaries, heirs, and the executor. If your attorney does not have a cohesive practice, then they may be unable to help you litigate. Consequently, forcing you to find a new attorney in the middle of a case.

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