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By: Scott Grossman on September 28th, 2016

Where to Look for Trust Mistakes, by a San Diego Probate Attorney

Trust your Gut

Many beneficiaries who successfully pursue trust litigation may begin a case without a definitive answer as to what the problem is; they just have a sense that something isn’t right.
Consequently, the exact nature of evidence you will need to collect in the interests of invalidating all or part of a California trust will depend on the sort of mistake you’ve discovered.

Typical Trust Mistakes

Typical mistakes that get made in trusts include:

  • The trustee distributed property to a beneficiary immediately upon request, without having the terms of the trust clarified by an attorney.
  • A non-professional trustee invested trust assets without professional advice.
  • The deceased person used ready-made forms from a computer program, leading to significant omissions.
  • The deceased person appointed an unfit trustee.
  • A parent didn’t want to “choose” between their children, and so appointed multiple trustees.

Ultimately remember that it is in your best interests to be discreet about your suspicions. At least discuss the matter with a qualified San Diego probate attorney before taking action. Doing otherwise might jeopardize your case and leave you vulnerable to lawsuits.

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