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By: Scott Grossman on April 12th, 2018

What to Do Once Probate Administration Is Over

After the probate administration is over, there are still a few remaining housekeeping items that you should take care of. Fortunately, the majority of these tasks are relatively simple as compared to the more involved work that you have been doing throughout the probate administration process. These finals tasks signal the end of your responsibilities to the estate of your deceased loved one.

Six Tasks Once Probate Administration Is Over

Wondering what you should do as your final tasks after probate administration is complete? Take these 6 steps:

  1. Ensure that you have obtained an Affirmation of Final Discharge in order to protect yourself from any future lawsuits alleging that you committed misconduct while carrying out the administration of the estate.
  2. Notify the Internal Revenue Service that you are no longer acting as personal representative of the estate.
  3. Notify the Franchise Tax Board that you are no longer acting as fiduciary for the estate.
  4. Keep copies of any important records relating to the administration of the estate in case you need them for future references.
  5. Notify the beneficiaries and heirs that the estate is closed and you are no longer serving as personal representative.
  6. Close any empty estate bank accounts.

Administering a probate is a complicated process, and it is important that it be handled properly, right up until the last step. We hope that you found these tips helpful. If so, we encourage you to share it with your family and friends on Facebook! You may have a loved one who is handling the estate of a friend or family member that can benefit from this useful information.

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