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By: Scott Grossman on April 3rd, 2018

What is a will?

You would think this is a simple question.  The California Probate Code defines will as follows: “Will” includes codicil and any testamentary instrument which merely appoints an executor or appoints an executor or revokes or revises another will.  That doesn’t exactly answer the question, does it?

Here’s a simple definition: a written or typed document that is signed by the testator (the person who is passed away and is trying to pass property via writing) which states who will inherit his or her property in the amount or percentage specified. A will can also be called a last will and testament. It is considered an instrument that passes property to the person that the owner wanted to have it. It can say who can have what things as well as who cannot have things. Will have to be created by a person of their own free choice without pressure. They have to have the capacity to sign a will, meaning that they have to understand what they are doing.

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