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By: Scott Grossman on August 5th, 2016

Five Common Causes of Trustee Accounting Errors in San Diego

When a trustee submits a final account, a report, or a petition for final distribution, there are common disappointing mistakes. Trustee accounting errors made during the filing preparation cost the trust, creating delays and potential conflict if funds are not available to pay for errors. Fortunately, a solid understanding of the probate system in San Diego, along with the assistance of a legal professional, help ensure that you do not become one of the victims.

When submitting a final account, report, or petition for final distribution, the beneficiary must ensure proper completion. This includes seemingly minor issues, such as formatting problems. Here is an overview of the most common mistakes during account or other document preparation.

  1. Not providing a summary of the account in the format required by your local probate court’s rules
  2. Using the incorrect starting figures in the account
  3. Claiming credits that are not applicable or are improper given the particular trust that is being administered
  4. Failing to itemize and source the income received by the trust
  5. Failing to properly document disbursements, including the date of payment, who it was made to, and why it was paid

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