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By: Scott Grossman on May 12th, 2017

Trustee’s Obligations to Provide Notice

If you were named as successor trustee in a trust instrument, you may be feeling confused as to what your duties and obligations are to provide notice. A trust document outlines several of the trustee requirements. However, a trustee must also observe all duties imposed by California trust laws. The obligation to provide notice to certain parties is an example of a trustee’s duties. Fortunately, an experienced trust lawyer can help guide you through this process.

What are a Riverside trustee’s duties concerning notice?

Below is an overview:

  1. The notice must be provided to anyone who has or may have an interest in the trust.
  2. The notice must be provided to all of the heirs at law of the deceased.
  3. The above notices must use the language specified under California law.
  4. These notices must advise the recipients that they have 120 days to contest the trust.
  5. Recipients must be notified that they are entitled to a copy of the trust.
  6. The notice must be sent to the county assessor for every parcel of real estate owned by the trust.
  7. Notice to the assessor must state whether the property is subject to reassessment for California real estate taxes.
  8. If the trust was already irrevocable, notice must be provided to all beneficiaries of the trust. Including any parties who may have a future interest in the trust.
  9. This notice must provide the name and address of the new trustee.

For more information about California trust laws and the obligations of a trustee. Please contact a trust attorney for guidance. Contact us today.