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By: Scott Grossman on March 13th, 2018

Trustee of parents trust won’t give me any information

What should I do if the Trustee of my parents trust will not give me information?

The short answer is:

Send a written request to the trustee for the information you want. The trustee must provide each beneficiary of the trust with information concerning the trust. This includes information about assets, liabilities, receipts, and disbursements of the trust. The trustee also has to tell the beneficiaries about the actions of the trustee.

So what is a written request?

A written request asks for a full and complete copy of the trust by snail mail or email. Because a child is an heir they have a right to a copy of the trust even if they do not inherit. This would show they are not to inherit and no trustee should be unwilling to provide a child of the trustor or creator of the trust a copy of that trust.

As a child beneficiary of the trust, I have a right to know a lot more from the Trustee of my parents’ trust. This includes an accounting, which details the assets and liabilities in the trust, specifically what money or property is coming out of the trust and what is going into the trust.

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