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By: Scott Grossman on September 15th, 2016

Six Questions to ask if Trust Attorney Fees are High

When an attorney assists in the administration of a trust, quite a bit of work may be involved. He or she is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for these services, and these fees may be several hundred dollars per hour. Unfortunately, in some cases, attorneys may charge the trust exorbitant fees for their Trust Attorney fees.

The following is a list of helpful questions to ask if you are concerned about Trust Attorney fees before or during a trust administration:

  • Is the attorney charging an hourly rate for the California trust administration?
  • What is the attorney’s hourly fee?
  • How many hours of time does your attorney estimate will be involved in the administration of the trust?
  • Are there any anticipated legal disputes or issues involving the administration of the trust or any of the trust property?
  • Is the relationship between the beneficiaries hostile?
  • Is the attorney attempting to bill for any services that have not been provided?

It should be noted that, while a trust administration attorney can also serve as trustee in some cases, he or she cannot receive double compensation for the same work.

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