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By: Scott Grossman on June 28th, 2017

To-Do List: Items to Gather for an Ancillary Probate in California

When an individual passes away leaving property in multiple states, his or her loved ones may have to initiate an ancillary probate process in order to properly administer the estate. Each state will have its own procedures relating to the ancillary probate. In California, the California Probate Code governs ancillary proceedings for decedents who passed away while residing in a different state. Fortunately, an experienced San Diego probate attorney can assist you in initiating and conducting an ancillary probate proceeding within the state.

Information to gather before ancillary probate proceedings:

  1. An original or authenticated copy of the decedent’s will
  2. A completed petition to initiate the ancillary probate proceedings in California
  3. An original or authenticated copy of the order admitting the will to probate in the other state
  4. Evidence of the establishment or proof of the will in accordance with the law of the other state
  5. A detailed listing of all of the decedent’s property located in California
  6. Names and addresses of interested parties to which you will need to provide proper notice

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