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By: Scott Grossman on August 5th, 2016

10 Duties of a Personal Representative in a California Probate

Were you named a personal representative in the will of a loved one? If so, you may be uncertain as to what this role entails. California Probate laws outline the duties of a personal representative during the estate administration process. Fortunately, the experienced probate attorneys at Grossman Law can assist you every step of the way throughout the administration. You do not have to navigate this road alone.

What are the duties of a personal representative in California? The following is an overview:

  • Conducts a reading of the will and carries out burial instructions.
  • Safeguards the assets of the estate by taking any immediate protective measures that may be necessary or desirable prior to obtaining an appointment by the probate court. This includes notifying banks and other financial institutions of the death, examining books and files, and investigating insurance proceeds.
  • Petitions the court for probate of the will by filing all of the necessary documentation.
  • Conducts an inventory of all estate assets. This includes household goods, business interests, securities, leases, and mortgages.
  • Orders an appraisal of estate assets.
  • Administers the estate in accordance with the wishes outlined in the will.
  • Oversees the filing of personal and estate tax returns.
  • Settles any claims made by creditors.
  • Distributes the assets after preparing a final account.
  • Obtains a final discharge from the probate court judge.

The first step that you should take after learning that you were appointed the personal representative of an estate of someone who has passed away is to contact an experienced California probate administration attorney. To learn more about the role of a personal representative, contact an experienced Riverside estate attorney today. Contact The Grossman Law Firm.