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“I Felt Immediate Relief When We Met For The First Time.”

Winchester, CA 92596

Dear Scott:

Thank you so much for representing me in the probate of my mother’s estate. When you took over my case from attorney Daniel Cooper my case was a mess. I was very upset with my attorney, couldn’t talk with him and never felt like I got answers to my questions. I was at the end of my rope and desperately needed help with my case.

I felt immediate relief when we met for the first time. You explained my case to me, showed me what my former attorney had done wrong and got it corrected. You stood up for me when my sister threatened to sue me. When she actually sued me in the Hemet probate court and the probate litigation began you defended me against every allegation she made. You were the reason I won the litigation. You made sure I remained the administrator and showed the judge that I had done what I was supposed to do.

Maybe more importantly you answered all my questions and calmed me down when I got nervous and anxious. You told me from the beginning we would win the case and you were right. Every time I told you I was willing to give up my administrator’s fees and even some of the cash I was supposed to get you told me not to do it. You told me everything would be alright. You were right.

Because of your efforts, skill and advice, I received clear title to my home and tens of thousands of dollars I was ready to give up. You gave me hope, guidance and support. You got my case on track and kept it there.

Some people think any attorney who says he does probate can handle their case. That’s wrong. Having an attorney like you who focuses on probate and probate litigation is very, very important. I know because I had the wrong attorney and he screwed up my case. You were the right attorney and that made all the difference to make my case turn out right.

Thank you for all your help.

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