San Diego Trustee Error: How your Inheritance Goes to Someone Else

During a trust administration, it is not uncommon for mistakes to occur. Therefore, it is important for beneficiaries to pay close attention to this process in order to minimize the chance that a San Diego trustee error. Any error that is made could permanently damage the beneficiaries’ inheritance. One mistake made by trustees is the distribution of assets to the wrong beneficiary. You may be wondering how this could occur , but unfortunately it happens fairly easily and it is a very common error. Keep on reading to learn more about how your inheritance goes to someone else.

5 Examples of How Your Inheritance Goes to Someone Else:

This can occur if the trustee:

  1. Misinterpreted the terms of the living trust.
  2. Improperly identified the beneficiaries.
  3. Failed to account for a beneficiary.
  4. Violated a fiduciary duty by favoring one beneficiary over another, distributing your inheritance to the other beneficiary.
  5. Gave trust assets to a beneficiary who was only to receive property that passed under a will.

Beneficiaries must promptly notify the San Diego trustee of a identified error. If the trustee still fails to correct the mistaken distribution, more aggressive actions may be necessary. Read our article, “My Trustee Won’t Give Me My Inheritance,” for additional information about further action.

To learn more about errors during the trust administration process and the legal action that may be necessary to correct them, contact an experienced San Diego trust litigation lawyer today. If you are wondering how how your Inheritance goes to someone else, call our toll-free number at (888) 443-6590 for a consultation. Or fill out our quick and easy online form today. It would be our pleasure to further assist you.

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