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Beneficiary Of A Probate Estate Receives Proceeds

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

In this case, we represented the beneficiary of a San Bernardino County, California probate estate. The probate was in the Redlands probate court and the executor lived in Victorville, California. The will had been admitted to probate and everyone agreed it was a valid will.

The executor of the probate estate claimed she was supposed to receive the entire probate estate, even though the will didn’t say that, and asked the probate court for an order giving her the entire probate estate. Our client, the beneficiary of the probate estate, objected to the executor trying to claim all the money for herself. Our firm filed a motion for judgment on the pleadings. The court granted our motion. As a result, the beneficiary will get all the proceeds from the probate estate.