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Redlands Probate Court to close

Redlands Probate Court

The San Bernardino County Superior Court has announced the closing of the Redlands Probate Court.  The closing is related to the state’s fiscal crisis and the need to cut costs wherever possible.  The probate court building will close on October 12, 2009 and move to San Bernardino in the civil court building.

The closing is particularly distressing because the Redlands Probate Court was an example of government working well to serve the citizens. Furthermore,under the current set up two probate court judges and their staffs occupied the building.  Parking was usually ample.  Other than probate cases, the court  heard some traffic matters.  The physical set up provided for a more relaxed atmosphere than found in most courthouses.

With the court moving  back to downtown San Bernardino, parties and their lawyers will be thrown into the scramble for parking.  It is expected the two judges assigned to probate cases will keep those cases but  it is unknown if they will be assigned other cases as well.  Let’s hope not.  The probate case  load is large and continues to grow.  Saddling this court with other assignments will only impair access to probate court parties.

Scott Grossman

Scott Grossman


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