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Your executor won’t follow the will’s terms, won’t account, or has used the probate estate’s property for their own benefit.  For over 20 years, we have helped people like you successfully overcome the obstacles to getting their inheritance.

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Probate Litigation

Secure your rightful inheritance before it’s too late

We know what it’s like for an heir or beneficiary to feel cheated. A will may be lost or destroyed, the executor refuses to provide you with the estate’s financial information, or maybe you have been threatened with disinheritance if you challenge the executor’s misconduct.

You have a feeling that something isn’t right and you’re not sure what to do. The unfortunate reality is that time is not on your side.


We are here to discuss your situation, evaluate what can be done, and how to best do it. We represent you in probate litigation to get your rightful inheritance.

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Losing a loved one is hard. We are here to help.

Will Contests

By law, wills are supposed to go through probate, and that probate is supervised by the Probate Court. However, executors and administrators do not always follow the legal steps in probating a will. When this situation occurs, the beneficiaries are typically the ones who suffer, as their inheritances are not distributed the way the decedent wished. Some of the common scenarios associated with an executor or administrator who does not properly probate a will include:

  • Distributing property outside of probate
  • Starting a probate, but failing to complete it
  • Coercing the decedent into writing a will that favored him or her

If you find yourself in one of these situations, contact the Grossman Law Firm, APC today at (951) 523-8307 or (888) 443-6590. We represent sons, daughters and all beneficiaries who haven’t gotten their share in will contests and trust litigation in California. We also represent executors, administrators, trustees, and co-trustees who want to do their jobs right.

  • Winning The Inheritance Battle – Is a book written by Probate and Trust Litigation Attorney Scott Grossman to help sons and daughters find out how to get their rightful inheritance from their parents’ wills and trusts. Executors, administrators, and trustees can benefit by learning how to protect themselves against disgruntled beneficiaries. This free book is just one of the resources that Attorney Scott Grossman has created to help people make the right decisions for their situations.

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The California Probate process requires precision, patience and knowledge of the laws. The Grossman Law Firm is here to help. For over twenty years, we have been educating our clients about Probate. Find more information in our searchable Learning Center.

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