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By: Scott Grossman on January 15th, 2018

A Probate Attorney Can Help With Estate Administration

Unless you have been through probate in the past, you may initially think that you do not need the help of a probate attorney. Many responsibilities in a probate estate administration are complex and require following the correct process. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can guide you through this process ensuring it is handled correctly.

The following are six ways you will benefit from hiring a Probate Attorney to help with Estate Administration:

  1. A probate attorney will review the terms of the will or trust. They will help you understand the meaning of the document under the California Probate Code.
  2. Your attorney will assist with communication between family members during the probate process.
  3. An attorney will go with you to the probate court or attend on your behalf.
  4. Your probate attorney will prepare all of the necessary paperwork for filing with the probate court.
  5. Your lawyer will assist with administrative tasks, such as arranging for the maintenance or sale of an asset of the estate.
  6. Having a probate attorney will help ensure you are fulfilling all of your duties.

As important as it is to hire an attorney to assist you in administering probate in California, it is equally as important that you find the right lawyer for the job.

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