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8 Steps for Providing Estate Administration Notice by Publication

FinallyProviding notice to creditors, beneficiaries, and other interested parties is a vital part of the probate process in California. Also, one way that the probate system notifies these parties of the attempt to administer a California estate is by requiring that a Notice of Petition to Administer Estate be published in a newspaper determined by the court or by law. Yet, like anything providing estate administration notice by publication has a proper process. Finally, by taking these steps, the goal is to give all parties an adequate opportunity to make a claim against the estate.

8 helpful steps for obtaining Estate Administration Notice by Publication:

  1. Contact an experienced Southern California probate administration attorney for guidance.
  2. Then, determine the appropriate newspaper for publishing the Notice by reviewing the local probate rules for a list of approved newspapers.
  3. Contact the newspaper to obtain publishing deadlines and an estimate of total fees.
  4. Pay the fee for publication if the applicable newspaper requires payment up front.
  5. Send a copy of the Notice of Petition to Administer Estate to the newspaper.
  6. In case, ensure the Notice is able to go through the publishing process within the deadline required by law.
  7. So, be positive to fill out the Notice completely, including the front side, and review to ensure. If the Notice is missing information, the court can deem the publication defective.
  8. Finally, file an Affidavit of Publication with the California probate court. In the alternative, make sure that the newspaper is filing the Affidavit and sending it directly to the court.

Our free book, The Insider’s Guide To California Probate And Trust Administration, provides even more information about the process of administering an estate in California. To learn more about publishing notice or probate administration, contact an experienced California probate attorney today. Call the Grossman Law Firm at (888) 443-6590 or click here for a consultation.

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