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By: Scott Grossman on September 14th, 2016

Multiple Wills: Does A New Will Revoke Old Ones?

Temecula trust and probate litigation attorney Scott Grossman explains California law regarding revocation of a will, and if a new will revokes old ones.

Here is one common way this situation arises.  First, a person writes a will.  Then, some time later, they create a new will.  Under California law, which is what applies here in Temecula, the new will revokes any earlier ones.

But what happens if later, yet another, third, will is created, and that will has specific language revoking the terms of the second will, but doesn’t make any mention of the first one?

Well, the law in this situation is clear:  only the third will stands.  All earlier wills are revoked. Most wills start out with a clause regarding revocation of previous documents.

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