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By: Scott Grossman on September 14th, 2016

How to Pay for Temecula, California Trust Litigation

Temecula trust and probate litigation attorney Scott Grossman answers the question, “How can  I pay for the cost of trust litigation?”

There are two methods to pay for trust litigation.  The first is by traditional hourly rate.  Clients using this method pay up front and out of pocket for fees for their attorney and other legal staff such as paralegals from the time the case begins through to the conclusion.  Clients also are responsible for additional out of pocket costs such as depositions, filing fees, publication notices, and other costs that might  arise during the course of the case.

The second method of paying for trust litigation is on a contingency fee basis.  With this option, nothing is paid until the case is concluded. The laywer pays all costs out of his own pocket. When the case concludes, the lawyer receives a percentage of what is recovered as his fee, as well as to reimburse the out of pocket expenses.

You can see that with a contingency fee payment method, the lawyer bears a great deal of risk alongside the client.  If for whatever reason the case does not produce results, the lawyer loses out on the cost of his time in fees as well as whatever out of pocket expenses he has paid.

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