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By: Scott Grossman on November 16th, 2016

13 Ways to Find the Assets of an Estate During a CA Administration

Tips to find the assets of an estate during probate in California

Taking control over the assets of a loved one who passes away is one of the hardest jobs of an executor or personal representative in California. Many people do not leave enough instructions when they pass away. As a result, other than a spouse or other close family member, it often becomes very difficult for an executor to know what property is in the estate are and where the property is located. If you are executor or administrator of an estate in California, consult with a knowledgeable professional who can help guide you through the process.

Here is a list of helpful hints to find the assets of an estate:

  1. Open all mail of the person who passed away
  2. Review old tax returns for information about assets that may exist
  3. Search the person’s home for bank statements, checkbooks, and similar documents.
  4. Look for a safety deposit box.
  5. Check filing cabinets and desk drawers for financial statements or insurance policy information.
  6. Review computer records if possible.
  7. Consult with family members, friends, and loved ones of the person who passed to learn about potential assets.
  8. Conduct public records search to determine what real estate the person who passed away owned
  9. Consider hiring a private detective or search firm to conduct an investigation.
  10. Conduct a search for new business filings.
  11. Conduct a UCC filings search.
  12. Review court records for any recent litigation.
  13. Review city or county records regarding motor vehicles.

Gathering and taking control of the assets is just one of the responsibilities of a personal representative in California. Our article, The Duties of the Personal Representative of a California Estate, offers additional information.

To learn more, or for guidance through the probate process, contact an experienced probate attorney today. Contact The Grossman Law Firm today! We are here to help!