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By: Scott Grossman on February 26th, 2018

Reasons Why you Might Need to Involve the San Diego Probate Court

For the loved ones of a decedent, it may come as a surprise that the probate process can take many months or years. There are many duties that must be carried out by the executor of the will or trustee of the trust. In addition, executors or trustees may delay the closing of the administration for one or more other reasons. Regardless of the cause, failing to complete a probate may require the beneficiaries to involve the San Diego probate court.

Why is it Important to Consider Involving the Court if the Executor is not Completing the Probate Administration?

The Following are Four Possible Examples:

  1. Delaying the completion of the probate administration process could result in longer waiting periods before you receive your rightful inheritance.
  2. The longer the probate administration process carries on without being completed and closed, the higher the costs that are incurred. This may include San Diego probate court fees, legal fees, and other charges.
  3. Furthermore, when a probate administration is not completed, you do not have closure on the process of winding up the affairs of your loved one. The incomplete probate administration may continue to weigh on your mind. It is vital that you should be focused on healing emotionally from the loss of your loved one instead.
  4. Additionally, the assets of the estate are at risk while the probate process sits open and unfinished. This may mean that the asset you inherit has reduced in value by the time it is distributed to you.

In conclusion, there may be other reasons to involve the San Diego probate court during a trust or estate administration. Our article, “Twelve Issues to Be Wary of During a California Trust Administration,” provides an overview of issues that could give rise to the need for court involvement. To learn more, contact an experienced San Diego trust litigation lawyer today. Call our toll-free number at (888) 443-6590 for a free consultation. Or contact us via our quick and easy online form today.