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Before you Accuse Someone of Forging Documents in a Will

Before you do anything, know that accusing someone of altering or forging documents in a decedent’s California will or trust is an extremely serious allegation. Handle the process wrong, and you could end up having charges brought against you. Before you accuse someone of forging documents, keep the following in mind.

First, you’ll want to speak with legal counsel well versed in trust litigation and will contests as soon as you are able. Because every case has different circumstances and variables, it’s difficult to know without professional insight what evidence you’ll need. However, some things to keep in mind:

  • First of all, keep personal notes with dates and times. Detail anything related to the individuals or documents involved. Your own notes won’t qualify as evidence, but they may help your legal team investigate your case.
  • Furthermore, make sure you receive exact copies of all pertinent documents. As a beneficiary, you are entitled to receive copies of trust-related documents from the trustee.
  • Lastly, don’t openly discuss your concerns with anyone other than your attorney. Doing so might create unnecessary complications in your case.

Finally, if you are concerned that a loved one’s will or trust has been compromised by forged or altered documents, talk to a San Diego trust lawyer at The Grossman Law Firm. We offer Riverside trust administration, probate, will contests, and trust litigation services. If you’re ready for a free 30-minute case review with one of our lawyers, schedule one by calling us toll-free at 888-443-6590. You can also reach us online through our quick contact form.

Also make sure to request a copy of Grossman’s essential guide The Insider’s Guide to California Probate and Trust Administration, which is available to you FREE.

Key Terms: 

Litigation (noun):

Litigation is the act or process of bringing a lawsuit to enforce a particular right. This can include Will contests, Trust Litigations, and Probate Litigation.

Beneficiary (noun):

A person who benefits from a trust, will, or life insurance policy. This includes heir, heiress, inheritor, legatee; recipient, receiver, payee, donee, assignee; devisee, grantee.

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