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By: Scott Grossman on May 10th, 2017

What Remedies Are Available After California Trustee Theft?

When a California trustee theft occurs, the result may be devastating. The trust creator relies on the trustee to follow their wishes as written in their trust. Since the creator, also called the settlor, has passed away, he or she can no longer speak out or protect the property, also called assets, that they worked so hard to build. Often, trust assets have an emotional significance that goes beyond their financial value.

Although the circumstances may be stressful, a trust attorney can help guide you through the legal process if a trustee has stolen from your loved one’s estate. If the attorney determines that court action should be brought against the trustee, you must show that things were stolen and the beneficiaries suffered harm.

These are some remedies for beneficiaries after California Trustee Theft:

  • Damages for the amount that the trust would have made if there was no trustee theft
  • Damages that unjustly benefit the trustee
  • Other financial awards that the court deems fair
  • Criminal charges and penalties

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