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By: Scott Grossman on April 17th, 2018

Automobile Insurance: Why It’s Important to Have During Probate

Generally, it is important to maintain automobile insurance on a vehicle held in an estate. As the personal representative, this responsibility falls on your lap. You have a duty to gather and maintain the assets of the estate. Certain assets, like motor vehicles, typically require automobile insurance policies in order to ensure that they are taken care of and protected.

5 Reasons to have Automobile Insurance During a Probate Administration

Even though it may be an added expense of the estate, automobile insurance is important. Why? The following are five reasons to keep automobile insurance on the vehicles of the estate:

  1. If you drive the car and get into an accident, the car repairs may not be covered by insurance. The car is an asset of the estate, and you will have decreased the value of that asset.
  2. Similarly, if you allow someone else to drive the car and he gets into an accident, the repairs may not be covered by insurance.
  3. If an accident occurs and the other driver sues, the estate can potentially be held liable for property damage, physical injuries, and emotional pain and suffering.
  4. As the personal representative of the estate, you have an obligation to manage the estate’s assets. Allowing the car to remain uninsured, but used by one or more parties, could constitute a breach of that duty.
  5. Damage to the vehicle can occur even if it is not being driven. For example, it could be damaged due to weather or some other incident outside of your control. Repairs could be costly.

In addition to dealing with the insurance on the vehicle during the probate process, you will eventually have to transfer the title.

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