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By: Scott Grossman on September 19th, 2016

Take a tip from Katherine Jackson, fire your attorney and get one with probate expertise

Hire an Attorney with Probate Expertise

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, fired her two attorneys in her battle over her son’s probate estate.  Initially, Mrs. Jackson didn’t hire a probate attorney to represent her. Instead she hired attorneys that did not have probate expertise.  Mrs. Jackson needed a tried-and-true probate litigator to represent her in the ongoing battles over her son’s estate.

One of the interesting lessons here is one that’s lost on so many probate litigants. Far too often, probate litigants trudge along with an attorney that makes them uncomfortable or in whom they have little confidence. No one has to do that. If you are litigating a probate case then take a lesson from Katherine Jackson. If the attorney you have now is dissatisfying you, get yourself a new one. Fire your probate attorney if it helps you.