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By: Scott Grossman on February 7th, 2018

An Overview of the Schedules in Riverside Probate Accounting

Even for those with a finance background, the receipt of a Riverside probate accounting may seem confusing at first glance. The California probate rules require trustees and executors or administrators to file accountings relating to the property held by the trust or estate. As a beneficiary or heir, you are entitled to receive copies of these accountings. For assistance understanding the contents of accounting, contact a Riverside probate lawyer with experience representing heirs, beneficiaries, and fiduciaries.

When you receive an accounting, it will likely include various schedules. The following is an overview of the schedules that are included with a California probate accounting.

An Overview of the Schedules in Riverside Probate Accounting:

  • Schedule of receipts, which lists the nature of each item, its source, and the date received
  • Schedule of disbursements, which lists the nature of each item, the name of the payee, and the date disbursed
  • Schedule of any net income or losses from a trade or business
  • Schedule of gains or losses
  • Schedule of distributions to beneficiaries, wards, or conservators, which should show the date and amount of each distribution
  • Schedule of itemized property held by the trust or estate, listing the value of each item

For more information about accounting and other documents included in the probate process, view our free guide The Insider’s Guide to California Probate and Trust Administration. This helpful guide includes a free book and informational DVD for your review.

To learn more about the California probate process, contact an experienced Riverside probate attorney for guidance. Call our toll-free number today at (888) 443-6590. If you have any questions about schedules in Riverside probate accounting, do not hesitate to contact us for help. Fill out our quick and easy online form. It would be our pleasure to further assist you.