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By: Scott Grossman on August 28th, 2016

Six Reasons Not To Delay A San Diego Trust Litigation Action

Following the death of a loved one, few people desire to get involved in an estate litigation matter in San Diego. Losing someone that you care about is difficult, and adding to that emotional strain with a contentious lawsuit is certainly not desirable. Unfortunately, it may be necessary to take legal action when you suspect that the trustee of your loved one’s trust is engaged in wrongdoing that could harm the trust assets. Ultimately, this means that your inheritance is being reduced by the willful or negligent actions of the trustee.

Why is it so important not to delay when you start to suspect that this is taking place? The following are six common reasons:

  1. A statute of limitations applies to actions against trustees just as with other causes of action under the law. Failing to pay attention to these deadlines could cost you the ability to hold a trustee liable for wrongdoing.
  2. Waiting to pursue a trust litigation action against a trustee can cause substantial harm to the trust assets. Each day that you wait creates a higher likelihood that the trust assets will be further wasted or harmed.
  3. It may be more difficult to succeed in your claim if you knew about the wrongdoing but failed to take prompt action.
  4. By acting right away, you may be able to request that the court order professional legal and tax advisors to get involved with the trust administration process, reducing the likelihood of further harm to the trust assets.
  5. Acting quickly may lead you to discover additional assets of the trust that you were previously unaware of.
  6. Action quickly may lead you to discover additional acts of wrongdoing of the trustee before he or she has an opportunity to hide those actions.

To learn more about your options when you suspect that a trustee has stolen from an estate or trust, view our article, “What Are My Options If I Have Reason to Believe That a Trustee Stole From the Estate?” Contact an experienced San Diego probate litigation attorney today for more information about pursuing an action against a trustee. Call The Grossman Law Firm at (888) 443-6590 for a consultation.

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