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By: Scott Grossman on February 22nd, 2019

After accounting is demanded but nothing has been produced


You want to know what’s gonna come next now that accounting has been demanded, but the trustee hasn’t produced one.

Here’s how the process works, a written demand was made on the trustee for an account, and the trustee has 60 days in which to provide that account. If we haven’t heard from the trustee or from the trustee’s attorney so that we’ve got some kind of dialogue going on and know that we’re going to get this without court action, then the next step is we’re going to draft a petition in order to compel the account. There might be other causes of action that we include in this, and this is just going to depend on the specifics of your case. This could be very straightforward where we’re simply gonna draft a petition that says to the judge a written demand was made 60 days have passed no account has been produced, and so now, judge we want an order to force the trustee to account. If you have other things happening in your case that need to be addressed immediately then those are going to be part of the petition as well.

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