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What form do I fill out to file a trust contest?

None. First of all, there is no form to fill out to file a trust contest.  A Trust contest, and a will contest, requires a petition to be filed with the probate court.  Typically, the petition is drafted by a probate attorney for their client.  The petition should state the unique facts of your case. Finally, depending on the reasons you give for having the court set aside the trust, you may be able to make general allegations or may need to plead enough specific fact to enable your case to proceed.

Trust (noun):

An organization (ie:bank) or someone else can manage the money or property in a trust usually at a set period of time. They are managed by Trustees and are set up to help better serve the beneficiary’s interests. It is a legal document that tells the Trustee how to specifically handle the money and assets on behalf of the beneficiary according to the Trusts wishes.

Petition (noun):

A formal written request made to a Court in order to ask for some type of relief. It can be for made for many things. It can be made for anything that requires some type of Petition filed. An example is a Petition to Probate a Will. This is usually submitted with the will to the Court. This is done to request the Executor be given the formal power to carry out the Will.

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