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Trust Litigation & Probate Videos

Riverside and San Diego probate, trust litigation, and probate litigation lawyer Scott Grossman speaks about California probate law and answers your questions.
You can open a probate and provide proper notice to all parties including the person who has the original will. Attorney
Temecula trust and probate litigation attorney Scott Grossman answers the question, "How can  I pay for the cost of trust
Temecula trust litigation attorney, Scott Grossman, explains how paying for trust litigation with a contingency fee agreement operates.
As part of the decision making process, you will probably be wondering whether Certified Specialists cost more.  In the case
The simplest way to determine whether property must go through probate is to ask whether you would need the deceased
How California Community Property Affects Rights of a Surviving Spouse in Temecula explained by Probate and Trust Litigation Attorney Scott
Undoubtedly, divorce has a major effect on a probate estate, whether or not the deceased person had a will explained
What property must go through probate in California
According to California Probate law, executors, administrators, guardians, conservators, and trustees are considered a fiduciary having a standard of care.
California law, which is what applies for residents of Temecula, states that probate is filed in the county where the
Temecula trust and probate litigation attorney Scott Grossman explains what ancillary probate is, and when it is required.
Riverside trust and probate litigation attorney Scott Grossman checks in from the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to let folks
Attorney and Certified Probate Specialist, Scott Grossman explains why you need to start probate in California.

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