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Trust Litigation & Probate Videos

Riverside and San Diego probate, trust litigation, and probate litigation lawyer Scott Grossman speaks about California probate law and answers your questions.
Can you contest a will with a no contest clause in California? Is there a safe harbor statute? A trust
Until a couple of years ago, there was indeed a safe harbor statute in California. Our courts have done away
If you are considering contesting a will or trust, it is essential that you take immediate action to preserve your
Many of our firm's clients who are beneficiaries under a will are concerned that if they need to take action
What happens if your mom or dad remarried, and left money in a will to your stepparent, but then they
Does an ex registered domestic partner have the right to serve as executor of the former partner's will or inherit
Our firm often gets questions about San Diego law regarding revoking a will. In this video, trust and probate litigation
Are you a son or daughter of a person with a Riverside, California, will, and you are wondering whether this
Here is one common way this situation arises.  First, a person writes a will.  Then, some time later, they create
San Diego trust and probate litigation attorney Scott Grossman addresses the issue of how helpful law enforcement is when you
It seems to be common sense: if my trustee is withholding my rightful inheritance, isn't that stealing, and shouldn't law
Two questions we are asked often: "How do I get a copy of a trust?" and "How do I get

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