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Trust Litigation & Probate Videos

Riverside and San Diego probate, trust litigation, and probate litigation lawyer Scott Grossman speaks about California probate law and answers your questions.
We don't know if there is a will or a trust? How do we find out? Attorney Scott Grossman answers
Often the question comes up, If my parents had a trust do I still need to do probate? Well the
How Much Does California Probate Cost? California decades ago, put in place the statutory fee schedule.
If My Spouse and I Were Separated When They Died Do I Still Inherit? Well, the terms of separation are
When Do I Get My Money from the Probate? The short answer is nobody's supposed to get anything until probate
Who do I tell I'm doing probate is a question we hear all the time. If you are facing being
An executor is the person nominated to be in charge of a probate estate and is appointed by the court
How Much Does Probate Cost in San Diego? Surprisingly, a Certified Specialist doesn't cost any more than hiring a generalist. 
If an out-of-state resident dies owning property in California, an ancillary probate is needed in California so a judge can
What Do I Do If My California Trustee Won’t Give Me A Copy of the Trust? The Grossman Law Firm
If you're a beneficiary or an heir of someone who died, you have a right to a copy of the
Obtaining a copy of a trust can be tricky if the trustee is not cooperating. If you think you are

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