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Trust Litigation & Probate Videos

Riverside and San Diego probate, trust litigation, and probate litigation lawyer Scott Grossman speaks about California probate law and answers your questions.
Attorney Scott Grossman discusses if you should serve as administrator of the estate and if this is the right role
Attorney Scott Grossman discusses the four requirements in California for a valid typewritten and what they mean.
Attorney Scott Grossman discusses the two local rules in San Diego that affect two different types of petitions that can
An inventory & appraisal is mandatory and must be put together correctly and filed in every California probate.
Does a Surviving Spouse Automatically Inherit in California? This is a question we hear often and the short answer is
Why is Giving Good Probate Notice So Important? Giving notice is required in every probate that you do and it’s
What is a Holographic Will? What are the requirements in California for it to be a legal will? In this
Can I sell a house during probate? Well the short answer is yes.The longer answer is what you need to
What happens to my loved one’s property if they die and they had a will? Well, that will depend on
w Do I Choose a Probate Attorney? No matter which attorney you hire, you are going to pay them the
Does Community Property Have to Go Through Probate? Well, we have to actually look at the deed to see what
Does a Surviving Spouse Have to do Probate? This comes up when I get calls from people who say either

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