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Riverside and San Diego probate, trust litigation, and probate litigation lawyer Scott Grossman speaks about California probate law and answers your questions.

Does a Surviving Spouse Automatically Inherit?

Does a Surviving Spouse Automatically Inherit in California? This is a question we hear often and the short answer is NO! Attorney Grossman discusses this in the video and we are always here to help with California Probate issues.

Importance of Giving Good Probate Notice

Why is Giving Good Probate Notice So Important? Giving notice is required in every probate that you do and it’s important that if you have an accurate address for a person, that you use it.

Holographic Will

What is a Holographic Will? What are the requirements in California for it to be a legal will? In this video Attorney Scott Grossman discusses what you really need to know about Holographic Wills in California.

Can I Sell a House During Probate?

Can I sell a house during probate? Well the short answer is yes.The longer answer is what you need to do to do it correctly the first time because you don’t want to do this incorrectly.

How Do I Choose a Probate Attorney?

w Do I Choose a Probate Attorney? No matter which attorney you hire, you are going to pay them the same amount of money. For the same price as a brand new graduate, you can get certified specialist in probate law.