The Grossman Law Firm Video Scholarship

The Grossman Law Firm Video Scholarship Contest

Congratulations to Our 2018 Winner Guiliana Berman from Norco College! She plans to attend California Baptist University in the future! We look forward to sharing a great photo with her in our newsletter and encourage you to watch her video here.  

The Grossman Law Firm Video Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship open to all students in Southern California. This is one way we give back to our community! We are excited to help one young person with their educational goals this year!

How to apply?

Entry is pretty simple! What we are asking for is a video of up to 5 minutes. It can be any kind of genre, but no longer than 5 minutes. We welcome fantasy style, documentary style, music, fictional, etc. We will choose a winner based on the best quality of video that is between 1 minute and 5 minutes long. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube and tag our office in them.  You must shoot and edit your video entirely yourself. No group projects and No outside help is allowed! We will review all videos and chose a winner by August  6th, 2018.

General Requirements to Apply for the Video Scholarship:

  • Minimum SAT/ACT and GPA: N/A
  • Residency Requirement(s): Southern California Student.
  • School Year: College any year. (awarded for 2018-2019)
  • Major: Any
  • Required college state: Any College or University in Southern California
  • Required college or university: Any College or University in Southern California

When is the last day to submit a video?

Use the form below to submit your video by August 1st, 2018!

We will notify the winner by phone call!

We will not collect any information other than college or university the student is attending, an email address, and phone number to notify the winning student and to set up a time to meet to give them a check and take a photo with them for our newsletter.

We will share your video on our website and on our social media as well as the picture of you receiving the scholarship!

Fill out the form below and remember to submit your YouTube link to the video you created and edited!

Submit An Entry to Our Video Scholarship Today!

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