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I intend to write a Will. Should I consult a lawyer?

Are you intending to write a will? The decision to consult with a lawyer should be made according to the complexity of the inheritance process, the size of your estate, and your own level of knowledge or access to reliable information.

More specifically, you should probably talk to a reputed probate lawyer if you would like to write a will and:

  • You expect to leave substantial assets that are subject to taxation if you do not you engage in tax planning
  • You have more complicated plans than simply naming those who inherit your property when you have passed away
  • You are a business owner and are unsure about the rights of surviving owners and the transfer of your share
  • You must make arrangements for long-term care of a beneficiary, for instance a disabled child
  • You are concerned that someone might contest your Will and accuse you of fraud or question your sanity
  • You have a feeling that probating the Will would make public some elements you would rather keep confidential
  • You are concerned with the time it will take to probate your Will

If you feel more comfortable discussing your Will with attorney Scott Grossman, you should do so. You may find out that some of your intentions have unwanted side effects and that you have overlooked important aspects of the process.

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