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By: Scott Grossman on October 14th, 2016

Five Helpful Tips for Contingency Fee Arrangements in San Diego

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Overview of Contingency Fees

For clients pressed for cash, contingency fee arrangements may be a solution. Consequently, this is often the case with San Diego probate court cases that involve estates. In some situations, beneficiaries or heirs may be fighting for an inheritance that they have not yet received. In other scenarios, the estate may be pursuing a lawsuit while the majority of the estate assets are unavailable. Hence, contingency fee arrangements allow clients to pay at the conclusion of their case.

What should you consider when contemplating contingency fee arrangements?

  1. Discuss up front and in writing the scope of the representation covered by the contingency fee.
  2. Communicate in advance changes to the basis or rate for the contingency costs.
  3. Contingency fee arrangements are not appropriate for all types of lawsuits and should be carefully explained and considered before an executor, trustee, heir, or beneficiary enters into such a relationship.
  4. The rate for the contingency fee should be clarified in the event of a settlement, trial, or appeal.
  5. Explain up front any expenses deducted before or after the contingency costs are calculated.

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