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Finding a CPA to Help With a Probate Administration

Carrying out the administration of your loved one’s estate is not an easy task. There are numerous responsibilities that can quickly become burdensome. Unfortunately, failing to properly carry out some of these tasks can cause significant harm to the assets of the estate, as well as subject the estate to liability. One such task is the preparation and filing of tax returns. In some cases, a personal representative may want to seek guidance from a certified public accountant to assist with these tax matters.

Five Tips for Finding a CPA for Probate Administration

If you decide to engage a CPA for assistance with a probate administration, you may be wondering whom to hire. Unless you have someone in mind, it can be difficult to choose among the many CPA’s practicing in the San Diego area. The following are five helpful tips for where to turn as you look to find a CPA to help with a probate administration:

  1. First of all, ask your probate administration attorney for a recommendation. He or she has likely worked with many CPA’s in the past.
  2. Furthermore, contact the San Diego Chapter of the California Society of CPA’s for a referral.
  3. Additionally, consult with friends or loved ones who have administered estates in the past to determine who they used and whether that person was a good fit.
  4. Also consult with your current tax advisor if you utilize someone to prepare your personal tax returns. Even if this person does not handle trust or estate tax matters, they likely can refer you to someone who does.
  5. Lastly, contact the former accountant of your deceased loved one.

Finding and hiring the best advisors is the best way to ensure that a probate administration is carried out smoothly and efficiently. We hope that you found this information helpful. If so, we encourage you to share it with your family and friends on Facebook!

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