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Documents to Have Handy to Address a Life Insurance Policy

In many cases, the proceeds from a life insurance policy are the largest of the assets that are held within an estate.Did your loved one recently pass and have a life insurance policy? If so, it is important to initiate the process of obtaining a payout of the policy proceeds. Insurance companies will ask for several types of information before releasing these funds.

5 Types of Information the Insurance Company May Ask For:

When collecting the proceeds from a life insurance policy, note that every policy and insurance company has its own requirements. However, there are certain documents that most companies will request. The following is an overview:

  1. A death certificate is required to demonstrate that the decedent has passed away.
  2. The policy proceeds may be payable to the decedent’s estate. This is true if there was no beneficiary of the policy named. It is also true if the beneficiary is listed as the estate specifically. In these cases, the insurance company may ask for copies of court documents. They will ask for the copies from the San Diego court verifying that you’re the personal representative of the estate.
  3. If the policy proceeds are payable to a living trust, you may need to present evidence. The evidence must demonstrate that you are the trustee of that trust now that your loved one has passed away.
  4. If the initial beneficiary of the life insurance policy has passed away but a valid contingent beneficiary was named, you may need to present the insurance company with proof that the initial beneficiary is not eligible to receive the funds.
  5. In addition, to speed up the payment of the policy proceeds, you may need to provide several important pieces of information about your loved one. This information may include the insurance policy account number, your loved one’s social security number, a tax identification number for your loved one’s estate or trust, or other information.

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It is our hope that this information provided you with a helpful overview of the documents you can expect to utilize when dealing with a life insurance policy as part of your loved one’s estate. To learn more about how we can help you with this and many other types of estate assets, we encourage you to view our client testimonials page today. Our many satisfied former clients have graciously offered their written feedback on our services.

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