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Emotions can run high for heirs and beneficiaries during the probate or trust administration process. You may experience personality clashes, miscommunications, or disagreements with other beneficiaries or the executor. 

Differences of opinion alone aren’t sufficient grounds for having the executor of an estate removed. But when might an argument with the trustee or executor be more than an argument? When might misconduct actually warrant executor removal?
Some examples of potential California executor misconduct:

  • Stalls on applying for probate or initiating trust administration
  • Fails to perform required duties
  • Ignores court orders
  • Harms or endangers the interests of those set to inherit from the estate
  • Refuses to provide documentation of transactions involving California estate assets
  • Attempts to gain financially or materially from serving as executor
  • Mismanagement of estate assets that causes loss or damage of property value
  • Criminal activities, like embezzlement, theft, or fraud

Be sure to keep documented evidence of decisions or actions that have harmed the estate or those set to inherit from it as soon as you become aware of them. You will need it for proof of misconduct in your case.

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Sister is executor there is 6 siblings and 2 sibling live in the house. They have the option to live there for 5 years according to will, Sister is telling them they have until thee end of the month to move out. She selling the house she does not want to fix it up like we planned too do. She had it appriased by who I do not know. Appriasel $310,000, She is going to sell to one of my other brothers sibling for that price. Homes in that general area sell for $400,000 to $550,000 this is a four bedroom, corner lot, school rating # 7. I have not talk to my sister sence my moms burial she mishandle that too. Did not receive will information until 2 months later. She trying to leave my brother out in the cold with no money to live on rent is very high once house is sold they will receive very little to live on. Is she liable for any loses.
by james December 10, 2012 at 03:28 PM
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